Transportation Funding Bill HB17-1242

House Bill 17-1242

New Transportation Infrastructure Funding

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For years, CLUB 20 has worked to identify and develop a sustainable long term funding source to be used by the state and local governments in an equitable way on projects throughout the state. With the passage of SB-228, many believed this issue was solved, however, the intricacies of our state budgeting process and the constraints of TABOR have not allowed the full amount of the SB-228 transfers to be realized.

Over the past 5 years or so, several rounds of polling have been conducted with Colorado voters to identify how they believe Colorado should pay for our transportation infrastructure. Time and again, a gas tax increase polls extremely low and voters have said they pay enough at the pump. Another proposal was to pay a fee for the number of miles traveled per vehicle (VMT) and voters has resoundingly said that this fee would be too intrusive. Other creative funding solutions have been proposed but have not gained traction with legislators or Colorado voters.

As we have heard from our legislators on joint budget committee, the state’s general fund is strapped (about 110% is mandated spending) and the need for new revenue has never been greater. Colorado is falling behind our neighboring states in terms of road safety, congestion, traffic, and the safety of our bridges. Our deficient infrastructure has resulted in additional vehicle costs of Colorado motorists to the tune of more than $1,200 per year on average, and these deficiencies are becoming more critical as time passes and the state and local governments do not have the resources to address them.

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