AG-96-3-Tax Classification Agricultural Property

WHEREAS agricultural land in Colorado is taxed on its earning or productive capacity, not its market value; and

WHEREAS  this wise tax policy is intended to help preserve a viable agriculture industry, but the lower tax rate is also sometimes given to property which does not produce agricultural products for public sale, leading to some public outcries for an end to the agricultural tax rate; and

WHEREAS such an over‑reaction would be devastating to agriculture and to the efforts to preserve family farms and open space.


  • CLUB 20 supports efforts to clarify the agricultural definition to avoid abuses of the “agriculture land” tax classification , and
  • CLUB 20 believes that the residential building envelope (as defined by the county) on agriculture land should be assessed at the residential market value. 


Adopted 3/1/1996

Renewed 3/31/ 2006

Amended 9/10/2010

Renewed 3/27/2015

Renewed 9/10/2021

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