BA-11-2-Independent Contracting

WHEREAS more and more Americans – including many Coloradans – are choosing to work as entrepreneurial independent contractors instead of working for others as employees for the flexibility and opportunity this work style provides in an evolving economy; and

WHEREAS federal and state laws governing independent contracting  can be counter- productive as they are often in conflict, are complicated, prevent the certainty businesses rely upon to operate successfully and inhibit American job growth at a time when states can least afford higher unemployment; and

WHEREAS these conflicting and complicated laws make it administratively onerous for any business that chooses to work with independent contractors to function with any confidence of complete compliance with the law.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports legislative solutions that preserve the ability of citizens to be independent contractors and for companies to partner with independent contractors; and

CLUB 20 further supports the notion that any business in good standing with the state of Colorado that:

  • includes the services it renders on federal and state income tax schedules as an independent business or profession;
  • reports the income of its employees to the Internal Revenue Service and the state’s Department of Revenue;
  • and, complies with federal and state tax, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and labor and employment law obligations with respect to its employees, should be exempt from any such law that would deny them status as a legitimate and properly classified contracting business.


Adopted September 9, 2011