BA-13-2-Retail Marijuana Taxes, Support for

WHEREAS Colorado voters passed Amendment 64, an Initiative to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol, in the 2012 general election, and

WHEREAS the ballot initiative language providing for a tax to be levied on the retail sales of marijuana was inappropriately placed and therefore unenforceable, and

WHEREAS Colorado voters reasonably expected that the sale of marijuana would be taxed to provide for regulatory oversight, law enforcement and school capital funding, and

WHEREAS a task force was convened to study the costs of implementing Amendment 64 as well as to recommend a regulatory framework for implementation to the Colorado General Assembly, and

WHEREAS taxes can only be increased in Colorado by a vote of the citizens of Colorado,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports referred measure, Proposition AA, Retail Marijuana Taxes, as it makes provision for the taxation of retail marijuana that voters approved in passing Amendment 64 and it more fully represents the costs associated with the implementation, regulation and enforcement of the new legal framework regarding retail sales of marijuana.

Adopted 9/6/2013


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