BA-14-01-Cameo Sport Shooting Complex, Support for

WHEREAS outdoor activities including hunting, marksmanship and competitive sporting events involving firearms and archery are a part of the heritage in the American West as well as Western Colorado; and

WHEREAS there has been increased sales of firearms as well as increased interest in engagement in outdoor sport activities and competition; and

WHEREAS Western Colorado has a lack of adequate, multi-sport shooting facilities, impacting law enforcement training, gun safety training, concealed carry classes, safe sport shooting, and responsible hunting procedures; and

WHEREAS there is a need for facilities in Western Colorado that will provide:

  • Police training and certification;
  • Opportunities for education of the general public in the safe use of weapons, both firearms and archery;
  • Education and training as well as competitive shooting programs for youth that will accommodate the large demand for these opportunities;
  • Hunters a place to sight-in hunting rifles and to hone archery and shotgun skills for sporting and hunting venues;
  • Families a safe, managed facility to participate in recreational shooting.

WHEREAS shooting sports have a total economic impact of $27.8 billion in the US economy and sportsmen contribute $2.9 billion every year for conservation and add $4.95 billion in annual federal tax revenue; and

WHEREAS a world class sport shooting complex could provide significant economic benefit to Western Colorado communities through expanded visitation to the region with competitive sport shooting events and any number of ancillary business support and development; and

WHEREAS the XCEL Energy site at Cameo has been decommissioned but remaining utility infrastructure needs to be protected presenting challenges for re-use of the property; and

WHEREAS there is broad support for locating a sport shooting complex at the Cameo site from businesses and business organizations, local governments, sports associations and individuals throughout the local region; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports the concept of a Sport Shooting Complex to be constructed at the XCEL Energy Cameo site.  CLUB 20 further supports the use of public and private funding sources in the development of a sport shooting complex at this site.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that CLUB 20 encourages CPW to sell an appropriate portion of currently owned state land to offset any state purchase of land for this project; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that CLUB 20 believes that any new lands gained by the state or federal government in Colorado should be offset through the disposal of a similar amount of land so as to result in no net gain for publicly held lands.


Adopted 03/28/2014