BA – 91 – 1-Workman’s Compensation System Reform

WHEREAS Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a major expense for Colorado’s business community; and

WHEREAS it is beneficial to Colorado’s economy to sustain an equitable Workers Compensation Insurance program to provide appropriate protections for Colorado’s workforce in place of ongoing individual litigation efforts; and

WHEREAS the Colorado legislature adopted major reforms in Workers Compensation Insurance in 1991 (SB91-218) which increased benefits for more seriously injured workers, streamlined the administrative process, helped contain medical costs, and tightened the definition of “permanent partial disability;”


  • Supports reasonable workers compensation coverage for Colorado’s employee community in balance with appropriate limitations so as to contain costs and minimize the economic burden on the employers who provide the jobs,
  • Supports the major provisions of SB91-218, including maintenance of a specific benefits schedule and the use of impairment ratings that are based upon accepted medical standards.
  • Opposes the ability of injured workers to select their own physicians or other health-care professionals,
  • Opposes fraudulent utilization of the system by employers and/or employees, and
  • Opposes efforts to significantly change the administrative system established by the 1991 reforms, specifically changes which would weaken employers’ rights either in favor of the Administrative Law Judges who hear the claims, or the lawyers for the injured workers.
  • Supports expedited administrative hearings and believes that the responsibilities of Administrative Law Judges must be more clearly defined and a system should be implemented that ensures accountability for their decisions.


Adopted February 15, 1991

Amended April 4, 2008


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