EN-10-2-Ethanol, Support for

WHEREAS the ethanol industry in the United States currently blends up to 10 percent (E10) ethanol in gasoline tanks, and

WHEREAS ethanol is a clean-burning fuel that naturally adds oxygen to the gasoline mix enhancing air quality in Colorado, and

WHEREAS the ethanol economy in Colorado supports and contributes to over 200 jobs and contributes over $300 million to the Colorado economy each year, and

WHEREAS the Western Slope of Colorado could sustain, create and support an ethanol plant, and

WHEREAS voluntary emissions reduction programs have proven to be a cost-effective and efficient method of reducing emissions, and

WHEREAS additional cost-effective emissions reductions would allow for growth of the state’s generation capacity while simultaneously improving the environment, and

WHEREAS the State of Colorado can achieve its environmental goals more effectively through supporting the ethanol industry’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


  • CLUB 20 strongly supports an emerging Western Slope ethanol industry (from non-food sources) that provides jobs and new markets for Colorado agricultural products, and
  • CLUB 20 encourages non-subsidy policies that promote diversifying our transportation fuel portfolio to include a variety of alternative and bio-based fuels, including ethanol.


Adopted 9/10/2010

Renewed 3/27/2015


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