EN-13-01-Renewable Energy and Efficiency

WHEREAS Colorado has one of the highest renewable energy standards in the United States, which has helped renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar, become a measurable portion of the state’s energy portfolio and has helped to develop and advance the renewable industry within the state, and

WHEREAS federal and state lawmakers have an ongoing interest in legislation that can continue to develop renewable energy resources because of the environmental and economic benefits associated with these resources, and

WHEREAS CLUB 20 recognizes that renewable energy is a growing industry that can play a role in Colorado’s power supply, but as with all energy resources, the cost of renewable energy is passed on to consumers thereby impacting energy costs within the state, which has an effect on individuals,  businesses and economic development opportunities, and

WHEREAS Colorado is an energy rich state, and as such, should maximize the benefits of  all energy resources, including coal, uranium, natural gas,  oil, wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and hydropower  which are important to the long-term health and sustainability of our Western Slope communities and their economies, and .

WHEREAS a diverse, balanced mix of energy resources is beneficial to Colorado and can ensure the state capitalizes on the advantages associated with each resource while protecting against a number of operational, financial and environmental risks that can occur by being too dependent on any one energy resource, and

WHEREAS there is a commitment to use cost effective renewable resources and grow energy portfolios at a pace driven by market demand, and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED  that CLUB 20 supports all energy resources and believes all energy resources should be considered when planning how best to serve Colorado’s energy needs.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Club 20 does not support additional Renewable Energy mandate standards that force the use of renewable energy sources beyond what would be called for by real market forces and under conditions of real competition in generation resources;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED than any increase in higher Renewable Energy Standards would disproportionately affect many of the businesses and citizens residing in Club 20 counties;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Club 20 believes that the definition of “renewable resources” that qualify for Renewable Energy Standards should be expanded to include large-scale hydropower, coal mine methane, and any technology that improves air quality and decreases greenhouse gasses.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Club 20 supports the responsible development and use of cost effective renewable resources and encourages federal, state and local laws to preserve the safety, reliability, and affordability of power and supports Congress to provide the necessary funding for research and development of renewable resources.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that CLUB 20 also recognizes energy efficiency as an important resource and encourages owners of residential, state and commercial buildings to look for opportunities to incorporate high-performance energy efficient building standards to determine where savings and profit can be made.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that CLUB 20 encourages Colorado to incorporate energy saving measures in our public buildings, and promote the adoption of energy efficient residential and commercial building codes


Adopted 3/22/13

Renewed 3/30/2018


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