Throughout the remainder of the community health care forums, The CLUB 20 Education and Research Foundation will be gathering valuable insight about local health care issues from communities across the Western Slope. 

In each health care forum, participants are presented with national and unique local health care statistics to give community leaders a broader understanding of the issues their community faces that they may not already be aware of. With this knowledge, the participants discuss the issues of access, quality, personal responsibility, and cost, as well as what is or is not working in their community.  

The CLUB 20 Education and Research Foundation project facilitators capture the demographics, possible legislation suggestions, successful community health care programs, suggestions for solutions to current health care issues, and much more. In 2013, this information will be analyzed and compiled to be presented at state and federal levels in an effort to bring communities together, implement successful health care programs, perfect existing health care programs, and build community will.



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