HC-05-1-Health Care Legislation Assessing Impacts

WHEREAS rural communities have very limited resources with which to provide health care services, and

WHEREAS broad geographic service areas pose huge limitations on the availability of options and access to health care services for rural constituents, and

WHEREAS, because of these unique challenges in accessing rural health care services,  health care legislation designed to enhance the delivery of health care services statewide can oftentimes pose unique adverse (and usually unintended) consequences on rural communities, and

WHEREAS the costs of many well-intended health care policy mandates for specific medical conditions or treatments outweigh the anticipated benefits and create a cost-shift

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Club 20 encourages the State of Colorado to develop an objective process by which proposed health care legislation (prior to passage) shall be reviewed in order to assess the likely cost to implement such legislation, the relative value of the anticipated benefit  of the legislation, and the potential impacts that such legislation may have on rural communities, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the results of such a “rural health care assessment” be shared with the legislature, prior to formal consideration of any such legislation, in order to better enable them to make health care policy decisions benefit all of Colorado.


Adopted 4/1/2005

Amended 4/9/2010

Renewed 4/1/2016


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