HC-09-2-Government Run Public Health Insurance Plan

WHEREAS CLUB 20 supports health care reform efforts to expand access, improve quality and create a more efficient health care delivery system, and

WHEREAS the current system has not adequately controlled costs, and

WHEREAS a government-run public insurance plan has been proposed, and

WHEREAS controlling costs of health care is essential and competition must be an important component in controlling costs, and

WHEREAS cost-shifting – discounting costs for one group and increasing costs for another – usually results in increased health care costs for those who can least afford it and those with the fewest health care alternatives;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 opposes all proposals for a public health insurance plan that would:

  • under-compensate providers,
  • increase cost-shifting
  • unfairly compete with or reduce competitiveness within the private sector, or
  • fail to decrease the overall cost or inefficiency of the health care system.


Adopted 9/11/2009

Renewed 9/5/2014

Renewed 4/8/2021



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