HC-11-2-Health Insurance Exchange Principles

WHEREAS CLUB 20 has adopted several policies encouraging competition in the health care arena;

WHEREAS the State of Colorado created a health insurance exchange called Connect for Health Colorado; and

WHEREAS the exchange has fostered choice and competition in the health coverage marketplace;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports the following principles regarding the health insurance Exchange:

Colorado should retain a statewide Exchange instead of relying upon the federal government’s exchange, healthcare.gov;

The Exchange is an objective, neutral, consumer-friendly market where consumers can go to find information about, and purchase, health coverage in a competitive marketplace with transparency of premiums and standardization of benefits.

Exchanges should continue to be governed by a board of directors that has relevant expertise and experience, represents a broad spectrum of stakeholders, is be appointed by elected officials and who are held accountable for their actions. The board should continue to include persons with experience and expertise such as consumers, employers, health plan companies and other interested stakeholders with regional rural representation.

Members of the Board should be subject to a written conflict of interest policy.

The Exchange should not duplicate the regulatory authority of the Division of Insurance (DOI) over health plan companies.

The Exchange should not set premium rates. The Exchange should not be a purchaser of health coverage and should offer broad choice of health companies and health benefit plans.

The Exchange should have the authority to appoint advisory committees and contract with vendors to assist in its functions.


Adopted April 1, 2011

Renewed Sept. 6, 2013

Amended March 30, 2018


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