WHEREAS 10% of the population currently generates approximately 70% of health care costs; and

WHEREAS we recognize that any one of us or our families could fall into such a “high need” category without notice, warning, or fault; and

WHEREAS these people of the communities of Western Colorado have a cultural tradition of supporting our neighbors in need; and

WHEREAS the ever-increasing costs of health care and health insurance is not sustainable for the businesses and communities in Western Colorado; and

WHEREAS the most cost-effective health care could be attained by focusing the coordination of care with regard to this “high need” segment of our population.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that government efforts and programs should focus on supporting the most cost-effective care for such high-need members of our communities, allowing the private market to provide protection through coverage or insurance in the most competitive way for the balance of the population, which will result in lower costs and stable insurance premiums system-wide.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that rather than an across-the-board government subsidy based solely on income for those needing the high risk pool, there should be a premium subsidy for high-need pool participants that is based on need (income, sickness and utilization).


Adopted April 1, 2011

Amended September 8, 2017


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