HC-12-1-Health Care Integration

WHEREAS health care communities in Western Colorado have received recognition for delivering high quality cost effective medical care; and

WHEREAS such outcomes are the result of cooperation and shared accountability among members of the health care community; and

WHEREAS Rocky Mountain Health Plans, Colorado West and Midwestern Colorado Community Mental Health Centers, St. Mary’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center and Mesa County Physicians Independent Practice Association (the “Sponsors”) are working cooperatively  to demonstrate the impact of integrating mental health and primary care services upon patient behaviors, health risks, quality of life and costs and will also coordinate with the progressive palliative services provided by Hospice Western Colorado; and

WHEREAS the Sponsors intend to  improve the capacity of primary care teams to coordinate care comprehensively, and deploy new workers, behavior change techniques, technologies and tools within physician practices to better enable patients to manage their own health risks; and

WHEREAS the fundamental economics of health care must change to achieve better value and lower costs; and

WHEREAS the Sponsors intend to adopt a robust data sharing, governance and actuarial arrangement to account for the total cost of care on a population based payment mechanism and will use this “global budget” to set cost goals, share burdens and benefits equitably, and ‘live within their means’; and

WHEREAS CLUB 20 supports efforts for emphasis on primary care medical services and enhanced care coordination among providers of care; and

WHEREAS CLUB 20 previously endorsed the principle that preventative programs and disease management programs will result in lower costs and a more efficient health care system in the long run and should be encouraged and funded;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 endorses the efforts to enhance cooperation between behavioral and physical health integration with a global budget payment system in Western Colorado.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports the continued and expanded implementation of health care integration programs throughout Western Colorado.


Adopted September 7, 2012

Renewed September 8, 2017


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