HC-14-01-Creation of a Health Care Cost Commission

WHEREAS the costs of health care and the affordability of health coverage is a matter of concern to individuals, employers and public entities; and

WHEREAS residents of rural areas have expressed concern about the variation of health care costs and premiums in different geographic areas; and

WHEREAS the Colorado General Assembly has under consideration a bill to create a Commission to study health care costs including: 1.) To identify, examine, and report on the principal health care cost drivers for Colorado businesses and individuals, and; 2.) To make recommendations that will control health care costs for Colorado businesses while maintaining the value and quality of health care for their employees,

THEREFOR BE IT RESOLVED CLUB 20 endorses the creation of a Commission to study health care costs and make recommendations to address the issues identified; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED any such Commission to study and make recommendations regarding health care costs should have representatives of rural areas


Adopted 3/28/2014


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