PLNR-00-5-Forest Management Planning, Notice of Intent

WHEREAS Pursuant to a Notice of Intent, a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was prepared relative to the adoption of rules for the development of National Forest Plans; and

WHEREAS Such rules as proposed dramatically modify the manner in which formally adopted and approved Forest Plans may be amended or modified, as well as the manner in which decisions made in the course of the development of such plans may be altered or revised; and

WHEREAS Forest Plans, as a result of such proposed rules, will have lost their historical and critical certainty.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 request and requires that such rules be corrected to reinstate the critical historical certainty afforded Forest Plans so that all concerned may reasonably rely upon such plans and decisions made in the preparation of the Forest Planning process.


Adopted 3/3/2000


(Formerly 00-3 PL 8)