PLNR-01-6-Support of Year Round Trapping of Damaging Fur Bearers

WHEREAS inadequate predator control continues to have a major impact on livestock production, farm production and wildlife as a result of Amendment 14, the anti-trapping constitutional amendment passed in 1996; and

WHEREAS Amendment 14 hinders the effective control of predators and damaging fur bearers that prey on private property domestic animals and wildlife or damage agricultural lands; and

WHEREAS adequate funding on a sustainable basis has been controversial and difficult to obtain thus placing a financial burden on livestock producers; and

WHEREAS the Colorado General Assembly has rejected attempts to adequately fund Wildlife Services stating that there are no funds available in the budget; and

WHEREAS the citizens of the State of Colorado declared by passage of Amendment 14 that these fur bearers were indeed a state resource but failed to provide any funding for the management and control of these damaging animals; and

WHEREAS the provisions of Amendment 14 allow the taking of damaging fur bearers by leg hold traps or snares for only one month during the year, thus ignoring the realities associated with these predators and land damaging animals on a year round basis; and

 WHEREAS agricultural production is a vital part of the Western Slope economy, generating millions of dollars and thousands of jobs, as well as preserving the natural beauty of the region;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the CLUB 20 Board of Directors at its Annual Meeting on September 7, 2001, that CLUB 20 urges the Colorado General Assembly to appropriate funds from the State’s General Fund for adequate predator control and supports a Concurrent Resolution to refer to the voters an initiative to allow affected agriculture producers to leg hold trap or snare damaging or depredating fur bearers anytime during the year under the auspices of Wildlife Services.

Adopted September 7, 2001

Formerly 01-9 NR 6