PLNR-02-5-Bear Populations Management Of

WHEREAS from March 1 through September 1 of any calendar year, it is unlawful for any person to kill a black bear by any means including, but not limited to, firearm or bow and arrow; and

WHEREAS drought and scarce food in higher elevations have led bears along streams into towns where they have found abundant food provided, intentionally or carelessly, by people; and

WHEREAS this limitation on black bear hunting, environmental factors and an increase in the human population expanding into bear habitat has led to an increase in conflicts between bears and humans; and

WHEREAS bear problems began unusually early in 2001 and in other years, and bear-human conflicts became much more frequent and more severe; and

WHEREAS a number of bears have had to be destroyed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife and wildlife officers have spent an exorbitant amount of time dealing with bear-human conflicts.


  • CLUB 20 supports legislative efforts that would authorize Colorado Parks and Wildlife to issue the necessary number of black bear hunting permits to allow for appropriate biological management of the species, including the reinstatement of the spring bear hunting season , and
  • CLUB 20 urges Colorado Parks and Wildlife to aggressively manage black bear populations to the full extent of their authority to balance biologically-sustainable populations with protections for human safety and property rights.


Adopted 3/8/2002

Amended 9/11/2009

Amended 3/27/2015

(Formerly 02-3 NR 2)


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