PLNR-03-2-Federal Lands, Sale & Acquisition of

WHEREAS the State of Colorado has approximately 36% of its land base in federal ownership; and

WHEREAS the Western Slope of Colorado is home to approximately 18.6 million acres of federally managed lands representing approximately 70% of the total land mass; and

WHEREAS many inhabitants of the West are becoming more concerned about what they feel is excessive federal influence over their lives and economies, and argue that the federal government should divest itself of much of its federal land holdings; and

WHEREAS land exchanges are strongly encouraged when federal agencies seek to acquire additional lands; and

WHEREAS the inability of federal agencies to dispose of excess federal lands, many of which have been identified for disposal by the federal agencies for years, continues to be a source of frustration for federal agency managers who cannot sell those lands as they do not receive funding to do the legally required federal clearances for archaeological resources, threatened and endangered species, and hazardous materials; and

WHEREAS transferring ownership of these excess federal lands to local communities who need them for community or recreational purposes or selling these lands directly to the private sector where they will generate tax revenues will create long-term social and economic benefits; and

WHEREAS legislation has been enacted by Congress to allow for land sale programs where the federal government, and state and local governments share the funds, most notably Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act (PL-105-263, 1998);

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 requests that the Colorado congressional delegation and the Department of the Interior prepare legislation for Colorado similar to the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act (SNPLMA) that would (only to the extent that such proposals have strong support from the local county and municipal governments) provide federal agencies the ability to sell property, provide revenues to cover disposal costs only within Colorado, provide a source of revenue that would generate future sales of properties identified for disposal by the federal agencies, and establish local priorities for such sales; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports future federal land acquisitions only to the extent that such proposals have strong support from the local county and municipal governments where the lands would be acquired.


Adopted 9/6/ 2003   

Amended 3/28/2014  

 (Formerly 03-9-PL 2)

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