PLNR-05-1-Hunting, Allowing Use Of Private Landowner Licenses On State Lands

WHEREAS big game hunting is the primary wildlife management tool available to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) to achieve population objectives, and

WHEREAS the CPW’s ability to utilize hunting as a management tool is only as effective as land is accessible, and many private land holdings are not accessible for public hunting, and

WHEREAS the CPW has effectively used private landowner hunting licenses to manage wildlife populations on private lands and these licenses could just as effectively be applied to state school land parcels, and

WHEREAS it is important to honor the terms of existing leases on state school land parcels;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports whatever statutory or regulatory changes may be necessary to allow private land hunting licenses to be used on state school trust lands so long as the existing lessee of said trust lands agrees that the hunting is not in conflict with his current lease, and

 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that such hunting access to State Land Board properties should not be considered to constitute a right of trespass on any lands.


Adopted 9/9/2005

Amended 3/22/2013

(Formerly 05-9 PL 1)

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