PLNR-06-3-Prairie Dogs, Opposing Limitations on the Take of

WHEREAS there is conflicting data on the historic and current trend of prairie dog populations, and

WHEREAS prairie dogs can cause economic loss to private landowners by denuding and devaluing their property, and

WHEREAS prairie dogs can pose a threat to human health by transmitting disease, and

WHEREAS some have suggested that prairie dogs should be listed as an endangered species and such a listing would create tremendous economic hardship on many private landowners, and

WHEREAS it is important to preserve not only stable prairie dog populations, but also the ability of private landowners to protect their property from damages caused by prairie dogs;


  • opposes any attempt to restrict the legal taking of prairie dogs on private land, and
  • opposes placing a statewide hunting season on prairie dogs and opposes placing hunting seasons on local communities without scientific evidence that such hunting adversely affects the local population specific to public lands.

 Formerly 06-9 NR 1

 Adopted 9/8/2006

Amended 9/9/2011

Renewed 4/1/2016


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