PLNR-07-2-Public Participation in the Development of Public Lands Resource Management Plans

WHEREAS over 70% of the Western Slope is public lands; and WHEREAS it is important that the public support the management plans which are developed for these public resources; and

WHEREAS the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management both have the policy and procedural direction to provide Cooperating Agency status in their planning processes for County and State Governments. These agencies, particularly the Bureau of Land Management, have made excellent use of this tool to integrate County and State involvement in a substantive manner in the development of Resource Management Plans.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 believes that:

  • Management plans for our public lands resources should be developed with adequate opportunity for public input and including the consideration of multiple management alternatives.
  • Elected and appointed officials at the local, state and federal levels should give all due deference to local public processes and the management plans which are developed like the Northwest Colorado Stewardship group and the GMUG Pathfinders group, and they should not attempt to invalidate such public processes.
  • While we recognize that public lands are owned by ALL citizens, we also recognize that the management of those areas mostly impacts the surrounding communities which rely on the access to those adjacent public lands to stimulate their economy and serve their recreational needs. Therefore we believe that the input from local communities as it concerns these public land management plans should be given special consideration and every effort should be made to adequately address the unique needs of those communities as it relates to the management of the adjacent public lands.

Adopted 9/7/07

Renewed 3/28/2014

(Formerly 07-9-PL-2)


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