PLNR-09-2-Wildlife Management

WHEREAS the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission is appointed by the Governor to oversee the management of Colorado’s wildlife populations through the work of Colorado Parks and Wildlife; and

WHEREAS the management of Colorado’s diverse and abundant wildlife populations is highly complex and requires that management decisions be based on the recommendations of professionally-trained wildlife managers who, in turn, base their recommendations on accurate and complete biological and scientific information obtained through long-term data collection; and

WHEREAS recreational hunting is the most effective management tool available to maintain the population objectives for game species; and

WHEREAS Colorado Parks and Wildlife receives no general fund tax dollars, but is supported almost entirely by sportsmen through the sale of hunting licenses; and

WHEREAS recreational hunting is an important part of the Western Colorado economy;


  • Supports hunting as a management tool for meeting wildlife population objectives,
  • Opposes any ballot measure which would usurp the wildlife management responsibilities of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission, and
  • Believes that wildlife management policies should not be included within the state’s constitution and therefore supports the subsequent removal of any such language.

Adopted 4/3/2009

Amended 9/5/2014

 (Formerly NR-09-1)


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