PLNR-98-3-User Fees for Disbursed Recreational Use of Federal Lands

WHEREAS federal user fees are charged for numerous uses of federal lands, including grazing, skiing, mining, oil and gas exploration, selling concessions in parks, and others; and

WHEREAS such fees are generally not charged to disbursed recreational users of the same public lands, though several pilot projects around the country have demonstrated the public’s willingness to pay fees; and

WHEREAS the disbursed recreational use of public lands in Western Colorado has increased dramatically in recent years, creating increased pressures on the environment and on the resources of federal land management agencies,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports the collection of reasonable user fees for disbursed recreational use of public lands, so long as the fees collected are used to conserve, restore, enhance, and maintain the public lands in the administrative unit in which they are collected.

Adopted 9/25/1998

Renewed 3/22/13

(Formerly 98-9 PL 2)


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