PLNR-98-5-Youth Hunting Program

WHEREAS CLUB 20 recognizes the value of the hunting and fishing tradition in Colorado, and the economic importance of these activities; and

WHEREAS The number of hunters, especially young hunters, is decreasing in Colorado and nationally, raising concerns about the future of hunting, and the positive benefits to wildlife management; and

WHEREAS CLUB 20 encourages Colorado Parks and Wildlife to continue outreach and marketing to increase public awareness of the Youth Hunting Program

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports continuation of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s youth hunting program (including continuing less expensive licenses for youth) to introduce Colorado youth to the great tradition of hunting, in order to continue that tradition in future generations. The program should place particular emphasis on youth that would not, as part of their traditional family activities, have opportunities to hunt. The program should include effective incentives for adults to mentor young hunters.

Adopted 9/25/1998

Amended 9/11/09

Amended 4/7/2017

 (Formerly 98-9 NR 3)


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