Agriculture Policy Committee Resolution Index 


All resolutions listed below have been proposed by the Agriculture Policy Committee and approved by the CLUB 20 Board of Directors. Letters and numbers after the resolution name indicate the Policy Committee the resolution originated in, the year it was adopted and the order in which it was approved. 

Acreage Subject to Subdivision Regulations (AG-09-1)

Ag Programs, Federal & State (AG-06-2)

Agricultural Education Program Funding (AG-04-1)

Agriculture Land Protection (AG-06-3)

Agriculture Related Ballot Initiatives (AG-98-1)

Animal By-Product Waste Disposal of (AG-02-1)

Biopharming in Colorado (AG-03-3)

Colorado Agricultural Products, Promotions of (AG-06-4)

Colorado River Ag Land Dry-up (AG-14-1)

Colorado Wine Sales (AG-00-1)

Commercial Motor Vehicle Requirements, Exemption of Agriculture Vehicles (AG-05-1)

Diversification of Agriculture (AG-06-1)

Future of Agriculture in Colorado (AG-06-9)

Genetically Modified Organisms (AG-15-1)

Habitat Partnership Program (AG-96-1)

Horses (Unwanted), Humane Disposal of (AG-08-2)

International Free Trade Agreements (AG-05-2)

Labor, Migrant Farm Labor Access (AG-98-2)

Maintaining Competitive Agriculture Markets (AG-03-2)

Management of Non-Native Insects (AG-08-1)

Predator Control (AG-06-5)

Property Rights and Takings (AG-06-6)

Right to Farm (AG-06-7)

Tax Classification, Agriculture Property (AG-96-3)

Taxes on Farmland, Inheritance and Estate (AG-96-2)

Weight Restrictions Over the Road, Exempting Livestock From (AG-06-8)


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