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Business Affairs Policy Committee Resolution Index


All resolutions listed below have been developed by the Business Affairs Policy Committee and approved by the CLUB 20 Board of Directors. Letters and numbers after the resoltuion name indicate the Policy Committee the resolution orginated in, the year it was adopted, and the order in which it was approved. 

Affordable Housing for the Western Slope (BA-02-1)

Balancing Fiscal Constraints & Flexibility for Government (BA-03-2)

Business Regulation Principles (BA-11-1)

Business / Labor Relations (BA-09-1)

Cameo Sport Shooting Complex, Support for (BA-14-01)

CLUB 20 Immigration Reform Principles (BA-12-1)

Collbran Job Corps Center (BA-97-1)

Colorado Aerospace Industry, Support of (BA-14-02)

Colorado Constitutional Review (BA-15-2)

Colorado Economic Futures Panel Report, Support for (BA-06-4)

Colorado Rural Development Council (BA-93-2)

Community Utilization of Telecom Technology (BA-04-1)

County Emergency Radios, Using State Dollars for Upgrading (BA-00-1)

Davis Bacon Wage Act (BA-10-1)

Economic Development Office, West Slope (BA-90-2)

Encouraging Investment in Western Colorado by the Film Industry (BA-99-1)

Enterprise Zones (BA-92-1)

Gallagher Constitutional Amendment, Amendment to (BA-03-3)

H.R. 1984, Clean Air Regulation Bill (BA-97-2)

Immigration Reform, Support for (BA-13-1)

Independent Contracting (BA-11-2)

Investment In and Accountability of Government (BA-06-1)

Planning Colorado's Future (BA-06-3)

Pre-Emptive Ban on Lawful Activities, Opposing (BA-02-2)

Promoting Good Government in Colorado (BA-06-2)

Rainy Day Fund for the State of Colorado (BA-03-4)

Retail Marijuana Taxes, Support for (BA-13-2)

Revenue Sharing Between Local Communities (BA-98-1)

Rural Colorado Capital Equity Fund (BA-01-2)

TABOR Formula, Annual Adjustment of (BA-02-3)

Tax Free Zones to Spur Economic Development (BA-15-1)

Taxing Property of Charities, Churches and Other Non-Profit Orgs. (BA-96-1)

Using Private-Public Partnerships to Help Address Infrastructure Needs (BA-15-3)

Western Colorado Marketing Alliance (BA-01-1)

Workers Compensation, Safe Workplace Amendment (BA-92-2)

Workers Compensation System Reform (BA-91-1)

Workforce Development and Family Literacy Support for (BA-03-1)


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