Education & Workforce Development



Education and Workforce Development Policy Committee Resolution Index 


All resolutions listed below have been proposed by the Education & Workforce Development Policy Committee and approved by the CLUB 20 Board of Directors. Letters and numbers after the resolution name indicate the Policy Committee the resolution originated in, the year it was adopted and the order in which it was approved.

Amendment 66, Opposing (ED-13-1)

Education Guiding Principles (ED-12-2)

Education Reform (ED-10-2)

Funding Higher Education Equitably Statewide (ED-93-2)

Graduate Education, Support of Offering on the Western Slope (ED-94-1)

Higher Education Financial Aid Distribution (ED-11-1)

Higher Education in Western Colorado, Support of (ED-04-1)

K-12 Education Funding (ED-15-1)

Seamless Education System (ED-10-1)

Western Colorado Higher Institution Naming (ED-12-1)


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