Energy Policy Committee Resolution Index


All resolutions listed below have been proposed by the Energy Policy Committee and approved by the CLUB 20 Board of Directors. Letters and numbers after the resolution indicate the Policy Committee the resolution originated in, the year it was adopted and the order in which it was approved.

Carbon Legislation Rulemaking, Opposition of (EN-09-2)

CO-2 Standards for Existing Coal Fired Power Plants Under the Clean Air Act Section 111(d) (EN-14-01)

Colorado's Coal Industry, Support for (EN-10-3)

Encouraging the Use of CNG Fuel Vehicles in Colorado (EN-10-1)

Energy Impact Funds, Dedicating to Source Communities (EN-06-1)

Ethanol, Support for (EN-10-2)

Federal Mineral Leasing Payments (EN-91-1)

Hydraulic Fracturing Policy (EN-14-02)

Hydraulic Fracturing, Supporting Exemption for in Safe Water Drinking Act (EN-09-3)

Mineral Leasing Royalties on Naval Oil Shale Reserve Lands, Increasing Local Governments' Share (EN-05-1)

National Energy Policy, Support for (EN-01-1)

Oil and Gas Drilling on Split-Estate Properties (EN-05-4)

Oil Shale, Development and Implementation of National Strategy (EN-05-2)

Reclamation of Mined Lands, Good Samaritan Legislation (EN-02-2)

Renewable Energy and Efficiency (EN-13-01)

Renewable Energy Resources in Western Colorado, Development of (EN-03-1)

Roan Plateau Management (EN-03-2)

Rules Concerning the Development of CO Oil & Gas Reserves (EN-08-1)

Severance Tax Revenues, Oppose Redirecting (EN-02-1)

Taxes, Opposing New Federal Taxes on Energy Industry (EN-09-1)

U.S. Geological Survey (EN-95-1)

Western Slope Mineral Energy Resources, Support of (EN-11-1)


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