Public Lands & Natural Resources



Public Lands and Natural Resouces Policy Committee Resolution Index 


All resolutions listed below have been proposed by the Public Lands and Natural Resources Committee and approved by the CLUB 20 Board of Directors. Letters and numbers after the resolution indicate the Policy Commitee it originated in, the year it was adopted and the order in which it was approved. 

Appropriate Application of ACEC Designation on BLM Lands (PLNR-12-1)

Bear Populations, Management of (PLNR-02-5)

Climate Change (PLNR-07-1)

Compensation for Game Damage (PLNR-96-3)

Dinosaur National Monument & Vermillion National Monument (PLNR-00-9)

DNR Decentralization of (PLNR-92-1)

Ecosystem Management (PLNR-93-5)

Elk Populations Management in Colorado (PLNR-02-7)

Endangered Species Act (PLNR-95-04)

Endangered Species Prairie Dog Listing (PLNR-98-7)

Endangered Species, State Efforts in Recovering (PLNR-00-8)

EPA Air Quality Regulations (PLNR-97-8)

Executive Order Review & Rescission (PLNR-01-2)

Federal Lands, Sale and Acquisition of (PLNR-03-2)

Federal Payments to Counties;PILT, SRS and FML Revenue (PLNR-93-3)

Fish, Endangered Fishes Recovery Program Funding (PLNR-99-2)

Fish, Sport Fish Stocking Policies (PLNR-96-5)

Floating Access in Colorado (PLNR-04-3)

Forest Health Goals (PLNR-97-5)

Forest Management and Watershed Health (PLNR-16-1)

Forest Service Budget Process (PLNR-93-2)

Forest Service District Consolidation (PLNR-98-2)

Government Litigation Savings Act (PLNR-11-1)

Grazing Permits, Ensuring Compliance with NEPA (PLNR-09-1)

Greater Sage Grouse Conservation (PLNR-04-1)

Gunnison Sage Grouse Conservation (PLNR-06-1)

Hunting, Allowing Use of Private Landowners Licenses on State Lands (PLNR-05-1)

Hunting, License Allocation, Resident vs. Non-Resident (PLNR-06-2)

Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) (PLNR-99-3)

Livestock Grazing on Public Lands (PLNR-02-4)

Livestock Grazing Rights (PLNR-91-1)

Lynx Management Post-Reintroduction (PLNR-16-2)

Prairie Dogs, Opposing Limitations on the Take of (PLNR-06-3)

Proactive Forest Management (PLNR-13-1)

Public Lands and Watershed Collabratives (PLNR-94-1)

Predator Control Funding, Support of (PLNR-01-6)

Public Participation in Developing Public Lands Resource Management Plans (PLNR-07-2)

R.S. 2477 Rights-of-Way Draft Regulations (PLNR-95-1)

R.S. 2477 Rights-of-Way Established over Public Lands (PLNR-03-1)

Southwest Willow Fly Catcher (PLNR-12-2)

Special Land Use Designations, Local Government Involvement (PLNR-99-4)

State Ownership of Public Lands (PLNR-95-2)

State Park Fees (PLNR-96-1)

State School Lands, Opposing Sale of (PLNR-93-4)

Timber Salvage (PLNR-94-2)

Travel Management Plan (PLNR-93-1)

User Fees for Disbursed Recreational Use of Federal Lands (PLNR-98-3)


"Wild" Horse & Burro, Management of (PLNR-09-3)

Wilderness Designations (PLNR-10-1)

Wilderness Study Areas (PLNR-97-4)

Wildlife Management (PLNR-09-2)

Wolf Management in Colorado (PLNR-04-2)

Youth Hunting Program (PLNR-98-5)


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