Transportation Policy Committee Resolution Index 


The resolutions listed below have been proposed by the Transportation Policy Committee and approved by the CLUB 20 Board of Directors. Letters and numbers after the resolutions indicate the Policy Committe the resolution originated in, the year it was adopted, and the order in which it was approved. 

7th Pot Transportation Program (TR-96-3)

Airport Improvement Program (TR-94-1)

Air Service on the Western Slope (TR-94-3)

Airport Security Costs (TR-91-2)

Amtrak Passenger Service in Western Colorado (TR-90-1)

Aviation User Fees (TR-09-1)

Bonding for Transportation Infrastructure Improvments (TR-15-1)

Build America Act, Support for (TR-14-2)

Colorado Aviation Fuel Tax Funding (TR-02-4)

Colorado Transportation Guiding Principles (TR-05-4)

Commercial Flight Training Hours (TR-14-3)

Continued Funding to Upgrade Highway 13 North (TR-10-1)

Funding for Highway 82 (TR-01-2)

Future Transportation Funding (TR-12-2)

Gasoline Taxes, Point of Sale (TR-91-3)

Gross Combination Vehicle Weights (TR-02-1)

Highway 50, Improvement of (TR-03-1)

Highway Safety and Winter Road Maintenance (TR-02-2)

Highway Safety Improvements Associated with National Landmark Designations (TR-00-1)

Highway Safety in Adverse Weather Conditions (TR-12-1)

Highway Tax Funds, Oppose Diversion of (TR-93-2)

Increase in Passenger Facility Charge at Airports, Support of (TR-17-1)

Intelligent Transportation Signage (ITS) Systems (TR-04-1)

International Air Service Market Expansion in Colorado (TR-00-2)

Main Street Integrating with State Highways (TR-05-3)

Moffat Rail Tunnel Operation (TR-95-1)

Planning Process, Support for CDOT's Current Process (TR-91-4)

Port of Entry Mobile Scales (TR-02-3)

Public Education on Transportation Funding System (TR-96-2)

Raise Gas Tax, Support of (TR-15-3)

Raising Sales Tax to Aid in Transportation Funding, Support of (TR-16-1)

Reauthorization of the Federal Transportation Funding Bill, Support for (TR-11-1)

Regional and Local Gas Taxes (TR-96-4)

State Transportation Funding (TR-06-1)

TABOR Refund for Transportation ( TR-15-2)

Tennessee Pass Railroad Corridor (TR-99-1)

Tolling of Highways and Multi Modal Tansit Components (TR-08-1)

Transportation Commission, Rural Representation (TR-93-1)

Transportation Construction Standards (TR-96-1)

Transportation Finance & Implementation Panel Report, Support for (TR-08-2)

Transportation Resource Allocation Formula (TR-01-4)

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) (TR-14-01)


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