Water Policy Committee Resolution Index 


All resolutions listed below have been proposed by the Water Policy Committee and approved by the CLUB 20 Board of Directors. Letters and numbers after the resolution name indicate the Policy Committee the resolution originated in, the year it was adopted and the order in which it was approved.

Adequately Funding the Endangered Fish Recovery Program, Support of (WA-15-2)

Alternative Water Sources to Meet Furture Front Range Urban Water Demand (WA-15-1)

Animas La Plata Project (WA-91-1)

Animas River Spill Impact (WA-15-2)

Aspinall Unit Operations (WA-02-2)

Bypass Flow Requirements (WA-10-1)

Clean Water Act Re-authorization (WA-95-1)

Colorado 64 Water Principles (WA-03-1)

Colorado River Compact (WA-96-1)

Colorado River Cooperative Agreement (WA-11-1)

Colorado Water Planning (WA-14-2)

County 1041 Powers, Water Projects (WA-93-2)

CWC Board, Opposition to Reconfiguring (WA-01-3)

Denver Basin Aquifer (WA-98-3)

Division of Water Resources Funding (WA-92-1)

Endangered Fish Recovery Program (WA-98-1)

EPA Drinking Water Regulations (WA-92-1)

Federal Permits, Opposition to Taking of Private Water Rights (WA-12-1)

Federal Water Rights, Creating Through Permit Process (WA-92-2)

Federal Water Rights, Reserving in Wilderness Areas (WA-92-3)

Funding Authority for Water Projects (WA-03-2)

Glen Canyon Dam, Opposing Removal of (WA-00-4)

Instream Flow Program (WA-02-1)

Non-point Source Pollution Control & Mitigation, Statewide Fund for (WA-00-5)

Out-of-Basin Water Transfers (WA-90-1)

Prior Appropriations Doctorine, Support for (WA-12-2)

Reuse of Transmountain Diverted Waters and Other Reusable Water Supplies (WA-10-2)

San Miguel Project (WA-10-3)

Selenium Control Programs (WA-00-3)

Support for Water Conservation Efforts (WA-14-1)

Tamarisk Coalition, Support for (WA-01-4)

Total Maximum Daily Load (WA-00-1)

Union Park Water Project (WA-93-1)

Water Conservation Trust Fund (WA-92-4)

Water Projects, New (WA-98-2)


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