TE-94-2-Federal Telecommunications Policy

WHEREAS the Telecommunication Act of 1996 was designed to create competition in the telecommunications industry, and the Connect America Fund (CAF)  is focused on the expansion of competitive high-speed broadband access, and;

WHEREAS competition is generally recognized as beneficial for consumers; and

WHEREAS CLUB 20 understands there are markets that, due to distance, density and terrain factors, may not lend themselves to the development of full competition in western Colorado; and

WHEREAS advanced telecommunications,  including  broadband services, comparable to those available in metropolitan areas of Colorado are vitally important to the present and future economy of the Western Slope, particularly in terms of economic development, healthcare, education, and government services including emergency services; and

WHEREAS the current regulatory climate erodes the financial base and access to capital needed by telecommunications providers and adversely impacts the availability and access of advanced Telecommunications including broadband in remote, rural areas of western Colorado; and

WHEREAS certain fixed wireless Internet service providers are claiming to provide service in large areas of the western slope of Colorado which directly reduces federal funding through the Connect America Fund that could be used to provide reliable wireline broadband to western slope consumers,

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports federal legislation which

creates and promotes telecommunications and technology investment in rural areas of Western Colorado to improve the delivery and cost of rural health care services, enhanced educational opportunities, and support economic development; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that CLUB 20 encourages the Colorado congressional delegation to introduce, lead and support adoption of such legislation including regulatory policies adopted by the Federal Communications Commission.

Amended 9/5/2003

Renewed 9/5/2008

Amended 3/28/2014