TE-96-1-Private Telecommunications Services, State Use Of

WHEREAS the telecommunications infrastructure of a community is essential for its long-term economic development health and growth; and

WHEREAS a good telecommunications infrastructure allows rural areas to attract more industries, “lone eagles” and “soloists”, all of which help create quality jobs and positive growth; and

WHEREAS the telecommunications infrastructure of a community is critical to its ability to educate its future workers and professionals, and for current workers and professionals to maintain skills, knowledge, and certifications; and

WHEREAS the quality of the local telecommunications infrastructure is in large part based on the investment made by the local telecommunication providers in the areas, and the provider’s decision to upgrade or not; and

WHEREAS the investment by the local telecommunication  providers is determined by the demand for services; and

WHEREAS currently much of the state telecommunications traffic is handled on a the State Multi-Use Network, a high-speed digital network owned by telecommunications providers; and

WHEREAS by adding this state demand to the local telecommunications network and having the State be an anchor tenant in rural areas, total communications demand has significantly increased; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports encouraging the State of Colorado to use private telecommunications services and infrastructure when physically possible and financially competitive for the development of broadband networks across Colorado for the benefit of Colorado citizens.

Adopted 3/1/ 1996

Amended 3/19/ 2004

Amended 3/27/2015

(Formerly:  96-3 TE 1)


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