TO-09-1-Tourism Promotion Funding

WHEREAS tourism is a major component of Colorado’s economy, being one of the top job creators along with education, health services, transportation and construction, and

WHEREAS nearly  87 million visitors to Colorado in   in recent years spent more than $21.9 billion on goods and services, including retail sales, lodging, dining, recreation and transportation, creating  approximately  161,000 direct jobs for residents of Colorado, and generated $  $1.43billion in state and local tax receipts, and

WHEREAS between the years 1993-1999, the time period when Colorado spent no money on tourism promotion, Colorado lost 30% of the national tourism market share representing a loss of $2 billion in annual direct spending, and

WHEREAS the national “Come to Life” marketing campaign ranked among the top 10% in the U.S. for ROI and campaign effectiveness and the website ranked #1 as the most visited state website in the U.S., and from April 2019 through mid-March 2020, this campaign returned $450 in spending for every $1 in paid media, and

WHEREAS due to focused marketing strategies, Colorado improved its tourism market share and presence as identified through various studies: paid media value of the CTO’s public relations program climbed from $83 million in 2017 to $113 million in 2018, social media engagements climbed by 27%, international focus increased visitation by 989,000 travelers over 6 years, 6 new international nonstop flights were created, Denver hosted 2 world travel shows and Colorado provided the setting for season 15 for Top Chef, and 8 travel regions were shaped and branded, and

WHEREAS the COVID-19 pandemic and related stay-at-home and lockdown orders had a substantial impact on Colorado’s vital Tourism economy resulting in a 36.3% decrease in direct travel spending, 38,200 jobs lost and a 31.5% decrease in tax revenue directly related to travel between 2019 and 2020, and

WHEREAS the tourism and travel industries are vital to the general welfare, economic well‑being, and employment opportunities of the state, its communities and citizens, and that the continued health and expansion of these industries requires a long‑term and continuing investment by the state in a single promotional entity for the planning, promotion, and development of Colorado as a travel and tourist destination, and

WHEREAS tax revenues invested in tourism have proven to show exponential return on investment.


  • Urges the General Assembly to continue a dedicated funding source for the Colorado Tourism Office at a level that provides resources to continue an effective and competitive network of welcome centers, the website, the Colorado Official State Vacation Guide, a public relations and social media program, a Marketing Matching Grants program and
  • Urges the Office of the Governor to fully-support an effective national and international marketing effort as is currently implemented by the Colorado Tourism Office, and
  • Encourages the Colorado Tourism Office to promote rural tourism through signage, website development, travel guides, welcome centers, online and mobile marketing, creative programs such as CRAFT Studio 101 and 201, as well as providing grant opportunities, while continuing to market the State’s diverse tourism opportunities. Encourages the Colorado Tourism Office to promote Stewardship programs such as “Leave no Trace”, “Are you Colo-Ready” and “Do Colorado Right” to protect the integrity of Colorado’s resources.

Adopted 9/11/2009

Renewed 9/5/2014

Amended 9/11/2015

Amended 4/7/2017

Amended 9/9/2022


(Combined with TO-06-1)

Resolution in PDF Format