TO-16-1-Support for the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office

WHEREAS Colorado has a diverse landscape with abundant outdoor recreational opportunities; and

WHEREAS Governor Hickenlooper created the first Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office in June 2015 to provide a central point of contact, advocacy resources and support for the diverse constituents, businesses and groups that rely on the continued health of the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry; and

WHEREAS Outdoor recreation provides many social, physical and economic benefits including an annual $62 billion outdoor recreation industry in Colorado, which includes creating and sustaining more than 511,000 jobs and $21 billion in wages and salaries; $37 billion in annual consumer spending; and $9 billion in tax revenue.

WHEREAS public revenues invested in economic development have proven to show enormous benefit to Colorado taxpayers, public investment in supporting the Outdoor recreation Industry help Coloradans revive their economy, especially rural economies in our recreation-rich state.


  • Urges the General Assembly to continue supporting the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office as an important and strategic part of Colorado’s economic development efforts.
  • Urges the Office of the Governor to fully-support the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office as a Division of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade.
  • Encourages the Colorado Recreation Industry Office to continue to support Recreation businesses throughout the state, particularly in Western Colorado.


Adopted 4/1/2016

Amended 7/13/2018

Amended 5/29/2020


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