TR-01-2 Funding for Highway 82

WHEREAS Highway 82 from Glenwood Springs to Aspen is the only transportation corridor in the Roaring Fork Valley; and

WHEREAS efficient and safe transportation movement is of vital importance to the economic vitality of the entire Roaring Fork Valley; and

WHEREAS the timely completion of all of Highway 82 corridor improvements directly effects the day to day life of tens of thousands of commuters from Garfield, Eagle and Pitkin Counties, and

WHEREAS the entrance to the Aspen section of the  Highway corridor is not yet funded;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Club 20 supports the timely allocation of funds as they become available to complete the final section of the Highway 82 corridor from  the roundabout into Aspen in accordance with the Record of Decision, if needed City of Aspen voter approvals are granted, or if a new alternative is approved for the Entrance to Aspen via a modification of the Record of Decision.

Adopted March 2, 2001

Amended September 11, 2009

Renewed 9/6/2013

Amended 9/21/19

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