TR–02–2 – Highway Safety, Winter Road Maintenance, Adverse Weather Conditions

WHEREAS Colorado’s highway system contributes to the economies of rural communities through the transportation of goods, services and people; and

WHEREAS the closure of interstate and state highways directly impacts the delivery of goods and services to their destination, the traveling public through increased travel times, and economic loss to communities through tourism; and

WHEREAS Colorado’s winter recreational traffic and interstate highways require that the Colorado Department of Transportation maintain more winter mountain passes than any other state, (35 mountain passes over 8,000 feet); and

WHEREAS as traffic demand on Colorado’s highway system continues to increase, so too does the number of traffic-related accidents and the corresponding need to maintain the safety of our highways during adverse winter conditions;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 encourages the Colorado Department of Transportation to:

  • Work closely with local governments to develop a road-maintenance strategy which utilizes a combination of tools (including, but not limited to mechanical treatments, chemical applications, salt and sand applications, reduced winter speed limits, and reduced access) to achieve CDOT’s goals of highway safety and access while being sensitive to the unique concerns and needs of each community.
  • Aggressively utilize the communications technology at their disposal using electrical signage, emails, website and road reports by phone (511) and the media.
  • Actively promote enforcement of CO existing adverse weather driving laws including chain requirements, speed limitations, snow tires and four-wheel drive only conditions.
  • Infractions of the chain law should be consistent in severity to penalties for other moving violations, including both appropriate fines and penalty points against the driver’s license.  Club 20 encourages CDOT & State Patrol to consistently and appropriately apply the enforcement of chain laws and give adequate and up to date notification to all highway users.
  • Revenues generated from the collection of chain law penalty fines should be dedicated to ensuring enforcement of the chain law and improved safe winter driving conditions.
  • Urges the Colorado Department of Transportation to make it a priority to construct and maintain adequate chain-up areas necessary to allow full compliance with the chain law.


Combined with TR-12-1

Approved March 8, 2002

Amended September 10, 2004

Amended April 6, 2007

Amended 3/30/2012

Amended 7/13/18