TR-06-1-State Transportation Funding

WHEREAS the economic viability of Western Colorado is dependent on the efficient movement of commerce and people on an adequate transportation infrastructure and Western Colorado is, like the rest of the state, in dire need of additional transportation funding; and

WHEREAS tremendous current and projected growth in Western Colorado necessitates some changes in the way in which transportation projects are defined, funded, and built; and

WHEREAS the State continues to face a serious revenue shortfall in the essential maintenance needs of its transportation system, particularly the road system; and

WHEREAS Club 20 has never opposed increased taxes for transportation, as long as the distribution formulas are not altered in any way, and that new sources of funding are equitably distributed; and

WHEREAS Club 20 is concerned that Western Colorado’s transportation system would be threatened by regionalizing the highway tax system as any system other than statewide distribution of these taxes would, in the long term, seriously undermine rural communities’ ability to maintain good roads;


  • While Club 20 prefers a statewide transportation funding solution, Club 20 supports efforts to help local governments create regional transportation authorities to help finance transportation projects, including public transportation systems, road and highway construction and maintenance, pedestrian facilities, bikeways and other transportation purposes as outlined in 43-4-602 (16) CRS, Regional Transportation Authority Law, but we recognize that such local funding efforts may inherently hinder our ability to garner support from those same taxpayers for a statewide transportation funding solution before pursuing such local funding mechanisms.
  • Club 20 strongly supports legislation to authorize spending a portion of any existing or future state general fund surpluses to address the long-term capital transportation needs of Colorado, including local road systems, and maintaining local share backs and flexible funding and that such funding be spent in accordance with the determined planning priorities.
  • Club 20 supports a system of flexibility which would allow other new revenues to be used for other transportation projects, included rail, transit, airport, trails, and other modes of transportation.
  • Club 20 supports a comprehensive approach to funding a statewide transportation system which includes multiple funding mechanisms, so long as the funds are dedicated to improving the state transportation system.
  • Club 20 supports continued use of the gas tax but believes that this tax should be indexed to allow for automatic increases over time in order to avoid erosion of the purchasing power of these revenues as a result of inflation.
  • Club 20 supports study of a “vehicle-miles-traveled” tax as long as appropriate adjustments are made to reduce the burden of this tax on rural drivers who are inherently faced with longer driving distances.
  • Club 20 supports and intends to help identify and build support for long-term, sustainable transportation funding sources and other viable alternatives, in recognition of the larger issue of shortfalls in long-term transportation funding.


Adopted 3/31/06

Amended 4/4/08

Amended 9/5/08

Amended 4/3/09

Amended 9/6/2013

Amended 9/21/19

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