TR – 08 – 1-Tolling of Highways and Multi-Modal Transit Components

WHEREAS it is important to Colorado’s economy to support the construction and maintenance of a statewide transportation system for the movement of people, goods and services; and

WHEREAS it is necessary that all Coloradans who utilize the state’s transportation system contribute to the cost of constructing and maintaining that system; and

WHEREAS if citizens in one geographic area of the state opt to assume the responsibility for paying for their own transportation infrastructure needs, they are less likely to also support investment in the statewide transportation infrastructure which we all use and benefit from; and

WHEREAS tolling a specific highway will provide funds for THAT highway, but doesn’t provide any benefit to the broader statewide transportation needs; and

WHEREAS federal law presently prohibits any tolling of existing state and federal highways because citizens have already paid for these roads through their payment of gas taxes; and

WHEREAS citizens should have the choice of whether or not they want to utilize tolled roads (at the tolled rate) or use existing highways (which have already been paid for);


  • CLUB 20 believes that any proposed toll roads should be part of a more comprehensive multi-modal plan.
  • CLUB 20 supports highway tolling ONLY on new roads and/or lanes and multi-modal transit components.
  • CLUB 20 believes that any tolling proposal that affects the Western Slope should be developed collaboratively with Western Slope legislators, local government officials, businesses, and community groups.

Adopted 4/4/2008

Amended 3/28/2014

Amended 4/12/2019


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