TR – 08 – 2-Transportation Finance And Implementation Panel Report, Support For

WHEREAS Colorado’s transportation system is the single largest asset owned by the citizens of Colorado; and

WHEREAS the citizens of Colorado deserve and need to know the condition of their transportation system; and

WHEREAS CLUB 20 recognizes that existing funding streams for transportation infrastructure are not sufficient to either maintain the current system or account for projected population increases.

WHEREAS CLUB 20 supports the sustaining of existing funding mechanisms and funding allocations for transportation infrastructure; and

WHEREAS The current funding system for transportation in Colorado is not adequate to meet Colorado’s current and future needs for transportation; and

WHEREAS Colorado’s economy and quality of life depend on the efficient and safe movement of people and goods, and responsible stewardship of the environment; and

WHEREAS the annual level of investment is inadequate to improve safety, preserve the system and provide travel options; and

WHEREAS adequate transportation will create a comprehensive and sustainable system that creates choice and mobility for Coloradans, supports the economy, connects our communities and regions by providing dependable road, public transit, aviation and rail freight transportation throughout the state,

WHEREAS sustaining Colorado’s existing transportation system and expanding it to meet the needs of current and future Coloradans will require much more than the revenues currently expected for transportation at the federal, state and local levels.

WHEREAS any funding options adopted should be sustainable and have the broad support of business, political, community leaders and our citizens to ensure that transportation investments made for Colorado will build our economic future and quality of life with a safe, environmentally sound, comprehensive transportation system.


  • Urges CO Department of Transportation to partner with the private sector to implement a coordinated education campaign to educate the citizens on the deteriorating condition of their transportation infrastructure, and
  • Supports a bi-partisan legislative solution that includes thorough debate of all potential funding sources, and may or may not include a referred measure, and
  • Supports a strategy to secure dedicated transportation funding in a ballot referendum or initiative.
  • Believes that any proposal to involve the tourism industry in contributing to Colorado’s transportation funding needs should involve ALL aspects of the tourism industry (including lodging, airline tickets, rental cars, attractions, and ticket sales) and that such taxes should be prorated so as not to place a disproportionately larger tax burden on smaller tourism-related businesses.

Adopted 9/5/08

Amended 9/6/2013


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