TR-12-2-Future Transportation Funding

WHEREAS interstate highways, state highways, local roads, and public transit are funded by state and federal gas taxes and the state and federal governments failed to index the gas tax for inflation; and

WHEREAS the state and federal gas tax has not been increased since early 1992 in Colorado and 1993 at the federal level; and

WHEREAS it has been proposed that vehicles get 56 MPG by 2025 and hybrid, and electric vehicles are being encouraged through legislation and subsidies by the Federal Government; and

WHEREAS the funding of our Transportation System through the gas tax has been decimated by these government policies; and

WHEREAS at least 3% of the cars nationwide are (alternative fuel vehicles) hybrids or electric vehicles currently paying no gas tax but using our roadways, and if subsidies continue and MPG increases, the funding shortfall will only escalate; and

WHEREAS the nation’s population is increasing thereby creating more wear and tear on our transportation system,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 calls on the President of the United States, the United States Congress, and the Colorado State Legislature address this lack of funding and priority of our Transportation System with a solution to maintain and expand our nation’s Transportation Infrastructure

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED CLUB 20 encourages a robust dialogue and analysis regarding funding mechanisms to adequately fund our local, state and federal transportation systems.

Adopted September 7, 2012

Renewed July 13, 2018