TR-18-1 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Electronic Logging Devices and Hours of Service Final Rule

WHEREAS existing regulation HOS (Hours of Service) rule limits a driver to 11 hours of driving in 14 hours of on duty time after which the drive is required to rest for 10 hours before driving again and,

WHEREAS a waiver from this ELD (Electronic Logging Devices) rule exempting the hauling of fresh and live agriculture products expired March 18, 2018 and,

WHEREAS most of the market for feeder cattle, other livestock and perishable produce from the Western Slope of Colorado is in the Midwest and,

WHEREAS the ELD starts running when the ignition switch is turned on.  Any delay such as stopping for a meal, loading time, and adverse road conditions, etc. can cause a driver to run out of time before reaching his destination causing him to have to unload his load or leave the livestock in the truck for an extra 10 hours, both causing added stress and possible injury and/or death to the livestock, or causing damage to perishable products, thus reducing their market value as well as adding to the cost to hauling and,

WHEREAS producers closer to their markets have a substantial market advantage over producers from our area,

THEREFORE Club 20 urges the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, our Senators and Congressmen to extend the waiver until a satisfactory solution can be worked out that is satisfactory to all parties.

Adopted March 30, 2018

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