TR-20-1 Equitable Fund Collection from Electric Vehicles

WHEREAS the Colorado General Assembly has enacted a law that requires Colorado vehicle dealers to sell a set number of electric vehicles per year and,


WHEREAS the number of electric vehicles on the road will continue to increase as a result of this law, and


WHEREAS there is no statewide annual requirement for the collection of a road usage tax/fee on electric vehicles, and


WHEREAS gas powered vehicles in Colorado currently contribute to the Highway Users Tax Fund (HUTF) and Electric Vehicles should make similar equitable annual contributions to the HUTF, and


WHEREAS all vehicles including gas and electric powered vehicles cause wear and tear on our roads and contribute to increasingly higher maintenance costs to the Colorado Transportation System, and


WHEREAS higher fuel efficiency requirements have been enacted by the Federal Government resulting in decreasing revenue to maintain our roads and build new capacity for our rising population in Colorado.


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED Club 20 supports legislation or other funding mechanisms that result in collecting equitable amounts of funding from all vehicles (excluding tax exempt vehicles) regardless of fuel type for road maintenance and construction, and those funds will be dispersed through the HUTF.


Adopted 5/29/2020

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