TR-23-1: Guiding Principle- Delivery of Freight to Western Colorado

WHEREAS affordable delivery systems are critical to the development and economic vitality of the Western Slope; and

WHEREAS the lack of choice for delivery of goods and services throughout Colorado leaves the Western Slope vulnerable; and

WHEREAS the transportation of goods and services are delivered by trucks, rail, and air services and are vital to the economic vitality of businesses, cities, and counties.

WHEREAS the most utilized form of delivery of goods and services is by motor carrier and is substantial to businesses, and

WHEREAS Western Colorado’s railroad corridors are critical to the movement of freight service to markets inside and outside the region; and

WHEREAS the maintenance and non-abandonment of rail corridors is crucial to provide flexibility in delivery options for the Western Slope; these corridors include, but are not limited to:

  • The Tennessee Pass Railroad Right of Way.
  • The Moffat Tunnel.

WHEREAS commercial air service delivery is an alternative form for expediting delivery of goods and services throughout the country and internationally; and

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Club 20 strongly supports the utilization of all forms of transportation including truck, rail, air and bus for the delivery of goods and services to and from the Western Slope.


  • Encourages our policy makers at local, state, and federal levels of government to support legislation that continues to provide and expand affordable, accessible, and reliable transportation options throughout Western Colorado. 
  • Urges Union Pacific to retain a complete, fully operational rail system on Tennessee Pass, and requests action be taken to not abandon the Tennessee Pass Line and keep this viable for future service, if needed.
  • Supports efforts to maintain, operate and utilize the Moffat Rail Tunnel as part of the East – West rail system.

Adopted on 4/13/2023

Incorporates the following resolution:

  • TR-95-1 Moffat Rail Operation
  • TR-99-1 Tennessee Pass Railroad Corridor

Resolution in PDF Format

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