TR– 91 – 3 Fuel Taxes, Point of Sale

WHEREAS   the economy of the State of Colorado is interconnected, and the West Slope and Front Range cannot be separated economically; and

WHEREAS numerous government programs are dependent upon funds raised in one part of the state and spent elsewhere; and

WHEREAS various taxes and fees are collected disproportionately throughout the state; and

WHEREAS efforts have sought to tie tax and fee expenditures to the “point of sale” (require such funds to be spent where collected),

WHEREAS in the past there have been several proposals for local and regional taxes to fund state and federal highways in certain areas, which would create an uneven level of highway taxation in different parts of the State, thereby threatening future state‑wide increases; and

WHEREAS regionalizing the funding of our statewide transportation system would pose a serious threat to rural areas where a small percentage of taxes and fees are collected.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Club 20 opposes the concept of “point of sale” expenditure of taxes and fees for the statewide transportation system.

Adopted 2/15/1991

Amended 9/10/2004

Renewed 4/9/2010

Renewed 4/1/2016

Amended 9/10/2021 

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