TR– 93 – 2-Highway Tax Funds, Oppose Diversion Of

WHEREAS CLUB 20 was founded as a means for obtaining highway funding for western Colorado; and

WHEREAS proposals to divert highway tax funds for non‑highway purposes is a threat to rural highway funding in Colorado.


  • CLUB 20 opposes any diversion of highway tax funds at both federal and state levels to non‑transportation uses, and
  • CLUB 20 believes that any transportation-related off-the-top expenditures (such as funding for the State Highway Patrol) should be maintained at a fixed percentage of overall highway funding and increase or decrease in accordance with increases and decreases in the fund, so as not to consume an increasingly larger portion of the Highway Users Tax Fund.

Adopted 3/5/1993

Amended 9/10/2004

Amended 4/9/2010

Renewed 3/27/2015


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