TR– 96 – 2-Public Education On Transportation Funding System

WHEREAS there is a poor understanding among the general public in Colorado about the crisis of funding transportation in this state,

WHEREAS a sound public understanding of that system is vital to its continuation, especially during a time when such an enormous shortfall in revenues encourages discussion of present and new funding sources.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports and is willing to participate in the undertaking of a public information campaign to increase public awareness of:

  • Current and future transportation system needs, and
  • Current transportation funding shortfalls and future anticipated shortfalls, and
  • The statewide transportation system planning process and the public’s role in that process, and
  • Costs that must be covered by state transportation funds for administration, environmental analyses (EA/EIS), road construction, etc., and
  • Their individual contribution to transportation funding and the result of that contribution.

Adopted 3/1/ 1996

Amended 9/10/ 2004

Amended 4/9/2010

Amended 3/27/2015


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