TR – 96 – 3-7th Pot Transportation Program

WHEREAS the Colorado Transportation Commission created a program in which a “seventh pot” of funds (in addition to the funds currently distributed among six regions) would be dedicated exclusively to specific high-priority projects; and

WHEREAS the voters of Colorado approved this specific project list; and

WHEREAS such funds were to be spent on priorities determined by the transportation planning regions, so that local officials would be the key decision-makers on these expenditures; and

WHEREAS some of the high-priority projects have not been completed due to lack of funding,


  • Supports the completion of CDOT’s “7th Pot” program.;
  • Supports keeping the promise to voters to complete the 7th Pot projects;
  • Supports implementation of SB09-228 to commit 2% of General Fund revenues for five consecutive years to transportation, including 10% for transit, when Colorado personal income reaches 5% growth;
  • Supports the requirement of the Transportation Legislative Review Committee (TLRC) as outlined in SB09-228 to make recommendations and introduce legislation by 2014 to complete the 7th Pot Projects as promised based on a 5% growth in Colorado personal income;
  • Supports the efforts of the STAC (Statewide Transportation Advisory Committee) to keep yet unfinished 7th Pot projects as top CDOT priorities
  • Believes that the “7th Pot” priorities, that have already been identified, should be completed before any additional regional priorities are funded.

Adopted 9-6-96

Amended 9-7-07

Amended 3/30/2012

Renewed 9/8/17