TR-96-4-Regional and Local Gas Taxes

WHEREAS Colorado’s system of funding highways with fees collected from highway users across the state has served the traveling public well for many years; and

WHEREAS That system is based on a presumption that all Coloradoans share a common interest in all the roads in the State, so that all highway users pay into the same fund, which then helps finance all state and federal highways in the state; and

WHEREAS CLUB 20 has fought long and hard for many years to preserve that system and has successfully opposed all efforts to regionalize the system, a serious threat to rural areas; and

WHEREAS gas tax revenues have been declining as a result of more efficient and alternative fuel vehicles; and

WHEREAS the state and federal gas tax has not been increased since early 1992 in Colorado and 1993 at the federal level;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 continues to oppose all proposals to create new separate local taxes to fund state and federal highways, and urges the General Assembly and all affected local governments to resist that temptation, and to continue the statewide system under which all Coloradoans have an interest in all Colorado roads.

Adopted 3‑1‑96

Amended September 7, 2012


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